Shri Saurabh Baradia Ji

Secretary Message

A professional today , has to function with a vision that transcends boundaries and should have the quality of learning and implementation as well.

Today: the globle economy is poise for a higher growth and only trained and skilled citizen can cope up with the challenging environment to become successful.

Kruti School Of  Business Management has always been endeavoring to provide constantly an ethical dimension to professional management education even when it is striving for excellence.

This value orientation is a matter of prime importance in a national economy. Which is gradually integrating itself with the global economic system.

Besides this, the unique pedagogy backed up with meticulously laid state- of- the- art infrastructure brings excellence to learning, teaching ,training and placements.

The needs of identifying and nurturing the aptitudes and inclination of each and every students and to make them equipped to face the challenges of a technology driven professional career are seriously addressed at Kruti School Of Business Management.

The world today is a much better place for development of one’s potential. One is not limited by choice or technology, but only by the power of one’s creativity. It is this message that we give to our students.

Let it be my privilege to welcome you to the world of SBA Education Society.


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